about healthy skinfood

If you can’t eat it, then don’t put it on your skin

We believe that the products we use to nourish our skin should just be as highly nutritious and high in quality as the food we use to nourish our bodies. Our skin is our bodies largest organ, it absorbs whatever you put on it while it has such an important job protecting us from pollution and at the same time keeping us looking fresh and feeling beautiful. Let’s take good care of it.

Our personal search for healthy glowing skin started with food. We still believe that what you eat is a very important factor for keeping your skin healthy. But we also find out that working two ways is dubble as effective and what you put on your skin can make a huge difference. Along the way we tried many different products. A lot of frustration, pimples and redness later we can truly say we found something we are too excited about not to share. Thats where Healthy SkinFood was born. The products you find here are products we love and use on a daily basis. They’re well tested & much approved by our clients, friends & families. We can’t wait for you to experience the same and fall in love with these skincare products. Simple, natural, the way nature intented it to be.

Love Merel & Tessa